This coffee has a very distinctive sweetness with chocolate aroma and well balanced acidity, it is an ideal espresso coffee, but with the versatility to be suitable for filter applications.

Brazil Monte Alegre

Pulped and fermented by traditional processing systems. Fully washed, leaving a clean flavour, free of taints. Overall sweetness with a delicate floral finish.

Brazil Santos

Unwashed, strictly soft with a semi-full bodied sweet cup. Highly suitable in espresso blends due to its soft rounded cup.

Colombian Supremo & Excelso

Supremo and Excelso are grades relevant to screen size, with Supremo being the larger of the two. Cup characteristics are similar, both extremely aromatic with delicate fruited flavours, requiring medium to medium-high roasting to maintain their characteristics.

Costa Rica

Originates in the northern region of The Central Valley, at approximately 1,200-1,500 metres above sea level. The rich fertile soil produces a bean with rich, but neutral characteristics, making it an excellent blend. Rounded and with full body, with a slight delicate fruity finish.

Ethiopian Limu

This bean is lively and bright, highly fragrant and deeply full of rich flavours. Sweet berry fruits combine with flowery flavours pushing forward a floral Jasmine aroma. A fine single origin bean, or use for blending with refined intensity.

Ethiopian Djimmah

Using the natural process, as that of historical methodology, the 'Djimmah' bean presents an intense mild bean with sweet fruit and a wine-like dimension. A lively, dry process experience that strongly represents its origin roots.

Honduras HG

Honduras coffee is wet-processed and mainly used as a cheap blending coffee. Some excellent coffees are grown here, but they are often blended with inferior beans before they are exported and are difficult to find.

Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling

This is a bean with great character and depth, well balanced in overall structure and offering intense complexities. A benchmark coffee, allowing the roaster their own directions in the presentation, roast colour, blend or single origin choices. This truly is a bean of presence and fine characteristics.

Indian Plantation A

This is a quality Robusta, best suited for inclusion in an Espresso blend as a reliable builder of body, aroma and fruited complexities.

Indian Robusta

This is a quality Robusta, best suited for inclusion in an Espresso blend as a reliable builder of body, aroma and fruited complexities.

Mexico - HG E.P

This bean is lighter bodied, but with a high grown brightness, offering mild and delicate flavours, with some soft citrus tones. Its semi-sweet, aromatic and bright and requires medium to delicate roasting to capture and contain these notes. Overall this is a delicate cupping coffee with a fine acidity and light body.

Papua New Guinea

An excellent native bean, brings broad complexity to an espresso blend and compliments other origins. Flavours are caramel complexities and rich finish. This is an excellent example of a native grown and naturally processed Arabica coffee.

Papua New Guinea Organic

This is a perfect single origin bean that can stand well on its own, suits plunger consumption. Use in organic blends for specific target markets in espresso extraction. Roasted medium-light maintains its clarity and flavour highlights.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Colombian Mountain Water Decaffeinated

Enormous complexity of sweet fruity aromatics, delicate acidity and rich smooth caramel and honey flavours. Long and well finished, this bean can stand alone, or bring complex character to an Espresso blend.

Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Certified

Rainforest Alliance

Agricultural expansion is responsible for 70 percent of global deforestation, and is the single greatest threat to tropical forests. In these biodiversity-rich regions, farms are often responsible for soil erosion, water pollution and wildlife habitat destruction. Rainforest Alliance certification encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranch-lands sustainably. Because the certification system is built on the three pillars of sustainability -- environmental protection, social equity and economic viability -- and no single pillar can support long-term success on its own. By choosing Rainforest Alliance Certified™ agricultural products, you can support farmers and farm workers worldwide who are working to improve their livelihoods and those of their families while protecting the planet.

Brazil RFA

Enormous complexity of sweet fruity aromatics, delicate acidity and rich smooth caramel and honey flavours. Long and well finished, this bean can stand alone, or bring complex character to an Espresso blend.

Peru RFA Organic

Because of its mild character, Peru coffee is used for blending, french roasts and as a flavoured coffee bas. Some good coffee can be found high in the Andes in valleys. Peru is developing a reputation as a producer of good quality, certified coffee.

Mexico Finca Kassandra RFA

A delicate high grown estate coffee. Soft body, with distinct floral and citrus notes. Beautifully prepared beans from one of this origin's leading estates.

Guatemala RFA Organic

Some of the world’s greatest coffee is produced in the central highlands of Guatemala. High quality beans are produced using the wet-process and are of high acidity and medium body, with smoky, spicy and chocolate flavours.

Nicaraguan La Bastilla RFA

Here is a good Nicaraguan bean that offers good body, clean flavours and balanced complexities. 'La Bastilla' is an exotic offer, which best suits single origin usage. This coffee produces a reliable cup of delicate balance and prominent flavour.

Fairtrade Organic FLO ID: 20039

Buying Fairtrade products makes a real difference for the Fairtrade farmers and workers (producers) in developing countries. Fairtrade means a better future for producers, workers, their families and communities in these countries. In addition to providing a fair and stable price for their products, Fairtrade is helping producers and their communities build better roads, access health care and send their kids to school. Fairtrade also enables them to grow and develop their businesses, ensuring they can improve life for their families and communities well into the future.

Ethiopian Harrar FTO

A dry earthy fragrance with sweet fruits abounding, flavours carry spice and fresh ginger. Good body and broad complexities make this bean an excellent single origin espresso.

Nicaragua FTO

Here is a fine quality bean from an excellent source. With both fair trade and organic certification, supported by European preparation quality finish. This bean is a natural choice for those roasters requiring an overall package, including performance in the cup.

Indonesian Sumatra FTO

A hand picked, sundried and hand sorted arabica. This very rich full bodied coffee is aromatic with a light to medium acidity, dominated by a heavy clean cup. Roast extremely flexible medium through to dark.

Honduras FTO

Superior shade grown – Extremely high quality high grown washed Arabica. Light to medium body with good acidity. Excellent rich aroma with full flavour.

Bolivian FTO

The coffee is from the Caranvi region, Central Illimani. It grows on 1'450 - 1'550 meters above sea level. It's a Caturra and Criolo variety, shadegrown under Inga.